What is a Buddy?

A new employee’s ability to become productive and acclimate to the practices and organizational culture is greatly enhanced by assigning a Buddy.  This employee is a fellow employee who provides advice and guidance on different aspects of working at ITS.

Before the new employee arrives:

  1. Make sure their space is ready
  2. Does the phone work
  3. Do they have a computer
  4. Do they have basic office supplies
  5. Make sure that you will be available on the employee’s first day

After the employee arrives:

  1. Activate the new employee’s NetID if not done already. https://netid.uconn.edu/
  2. Introduce the new staff member to your team.
  3. Give the new employee a facilities tour:
    1. Restrooms
    2. Printer/Scanner/Fax
    3. Dining facilities – Student Union etc.
    4. Fridge, microwave, coffee pot etc.
    5. Vending machines
    6. Emergency evacuation location and procedures
    7. Emergency exits
    8. Business Office
    9. Mailroom
    10. Conference rooms
  4. Show the new employee:
    1. How to use TAS
    2. How to create a Purchase Order
    3. Where to get their UConn photo ID badge (One card office) http://onecard.uconn.edu/
    4. How to exit and enter the work space, make sure that the employee has access with either keys, ID or proximity card.
    5. The location of parking services if they have not rec’d a parking pass.  The employee will need their offer letter to get a parking pass.  ITS HR will have a copy (ITS.HR@uconn.edu)
    6. Any other work specific processes or procedures